Inspire body DS 30

DS-30 Quick Mount for the DJI Inspire1 100% Made in the USA!!! (Charger Included)


Allow 5-7 Day Lead Time

Everything Needed to Mount and Fly

Exceeds FAA Requirements For Night Flights (107 and COA Pilot Night Operations)

Uses the North American Survival Systems DS-30 Strobe

Tested Night Visibility over 10 miles

Tested Day Visibility up to 1 Nautical Mile

Light Source: 4 CREE LEDs

Flash Rate 60 Per Minute Nominal

Viewing Angle: Full Upper Hemisphere

Installs in less than 2 min

Weighs only 1.4 oz

Battery included (3-4 hour run time / rechargable)

Heat Treated Carbon Fiber Filament Construction




Product Description





FAA approved  DS-30 for daylight and night flight anti-collision lighting

Simple and practical.

Stop flying at night without anti-collision lighting. No light in the world replaces good judgment and safe flying practices. This simple and easy to use kit eliminates a lot of the dangers of night flying by allowing other aircraft to easily see your UAS.

At 1.4 oz this kit will not affect the flight time in a negative manner. Fly just as far and just as long, just safer.

Visible  up to 3 miles

Run time exceeds 3 – 4 hours



Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


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