FlyHighUSA DS30 Anti-Collision Strobe for DJI Inspire 1


Allow 5-7 Day Lead Time

Everything Needed to Mount and Fly

Exceeds FAA Requirements For Night Flights (107 and COA Pilot Night Operations)

Uses the North American Survival Systems DS30 Strobe

Tested Night Visibility up to 10 miles

Tested Day Visibility up to 1 Nautical Mile

Light Source: 4 CREE LEDs

Flash Rate 60 Per Minute Nominal

Viewing Angle: Full Upper Hemisphere

Installs in less than 2 min

Weighs only 1.4 oz

Battery included (3-4 hour run time / rechargeable)

Heat Treated Carbon Fiber Filament Construction







FlyHighUSA DS30 Anti-Collision Strobe for DJI Inspire 1 (Allow 5-7 Day Lead Time)

FAA approved  DS30 for daylight and night flight anti-collision lighting

Simple and practical

Stop flying at night without anti-collision lighting

No light in the world replaces good judgment and safe flying practices

This simple and easy to use kit eliminates a lot of the dangers of night flying by allowing other aircraft to easily see your UAS

At 1.4 oz this kit will not affect the flight time in a negative manner

Fly just as far and just as long, just safer

Day Visibility 1 mile

Night Visibility 10 miles

Run time exceeds 3 – 4 hours



DS30 Quick Mount Video

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 in


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