Take Control with Fly High USA

If you are ready to take the world by storm, literally, head to Fly High USA for the best selection of RTFs for every budget whether you are looking for a drone to help you take awesome shots of your new horse ranch or want to keep track of who has the ball at your son’s next soccer game.

Beginners will love cutting their teeth on a DJI Phantom 3 Professional RTF. For just $1,259.00, you can learn how to take to the skies with this easy to fly intelligent flight system. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional RTF available from Fly High USA comes complete with a live HD View, 4/k video, a 12-megapixel photo camera, and an integrated 2-axis stabilization gimbal. With its vision positioning for indoor flights, a dedicated remote controller and a powerful mobile app with an auto video editor, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional RTF really is the best flyer if you are just learning how to fly.

If the DJI Phantom 3 Professional RTF is over your budget, consider purchasing the DJI Phantom 2+ H4-3d. For only $999.00, you can capture photos and videos with a single tap. The DJI Phantom 2+ H4-3d is ready to fly and super easy to control. Best of all, you can see what the DJI Phantom 2+ H4-3d is seeing on your tablet or Smartphone. The latest DJI Phantom 2+ H4-3d, the v3.0 also comes with the new remote controller, a new propulsion system, and a new compass.

When it comes to affordable RTF’s and the latest in multi-rotor technology, you will not do better than Fly High USA, and be sure to ask about the customized units that can be custom built for your specifications. You can have Fly High USA tailor make an affordable RTF with a longer flight time, or a larger payload capacity. The sky really is the limit when you contact Fly High USA for a custom-built unit.

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